Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vicky Pollard - Conservative minister for Europe

"Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but" etc

As their former leaders know, the Conservative party love a good punch-up over Europe. It's almost worth seeing them in government again to witness the fun we saw in the mid-90s. One minute they want to be 'at the heart of Europe', then they are Eurosceptics trying to 'save the pound', now a beautifully poised fudge. (To be fair, we can't blame David Cameron for being vague. He only has to keep everyone quiet and he will be walking into Number 10 - heaven help us).

The Lisbon Treaty process is now two signatures away from completion. I was in favour of a referendum and would have voted 'yes'. The European Union is a bureaucratic nightmare, a total mess, and the treaty goes some way (only a little though) to clearing that up. But a public debate would at least make people more aware of the pros and cons.

What about the Conservatives? Having moved their MEPs to the far fringes of European affairs, they have now promised, after ratification of Lisbon, to 'not let matters rest there' (whatever that means?).

The Lisbon treaty has set out provisions for countries to leave the EU completely - so why doesn't David Cameron promise a referendum on that? Do we want to remain members of the European Union? Then what will their position be - yeah, no, yeah, no?

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