Friday, October 9, 2009

Sittingbourne Labour bans men!

Letter to East Kent Gazette

I was surprised to see that the local Labour party are excluding all men from consideration as candidates in defence of Derek Wyatt's parliamentary seat. This is simply discrimination - and insulting to both men and women.

We all want to see more women in politics but the way to do this is to encourage more people overall to get involved and to join whichever political party is closest to their own views.

In the Liberal Democrats we have many talented and able women both at national and local level, who got there through their own skills and abilities. I am sure there are talented women in the Labour party too, but to say they need special rules because they can't compete with the men seems insulting.

Perhaps as it is unlikely that Labour will successfully defend this seat (the majority over the Tories is 79) they are looking for a fall guy (or, rather, a fall girl) so that the 'men' can come back next time round.

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