Monday, October 19, 2009

Bayeux and back

A break away from the fray. Mary and I have just got back from a holiday at the French town of Bayeux in Normandy.

This was a chance for me to follow my interest in military history and tour the D-Day beaches. We went on two one-day tours, one for the American sector and the other covering the British, and we saw a lot and heard a lot of stories. While we were there we saw the Bayeux tapestry, the cathedral and various museums as well as speaking some basic French and eating too much food.

The most moving part was walking around the Bayeux War Cemetery and reading some of the inscriptions from loved ones. Most were British from the Normandy campaign June-August 1944 and I guessed that Tony Blair had never been there - as anyone who reads those gravestones would never choose to launch a war.

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