Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Global warming myth' myth - letter to Sunday Telegraph

This is a letter to the Sunday Telegraph following a long article by Christopher Booker who regularly writes a column disputing climate change etc. I put it here as they are unlikely to publish it.

'Dear Editor'

'Interesting article by Christopher Booker - but I have one question for him.'

'Earlier this year we had a heavy snowfall. Kids aged 12 and 13 were very excited because they 'have never seen snow before'. It was all gone in three days.'

'When I was their age in the 1970s we used to get at least two or three weeks snow every year, with football matches regularly postponed and journeys to school and work disrupted.'

'My parents have told me of the epic winters they used to suffer in the 1940s and 1950s in London - week upon week of heavy snow and cold ice. 1947 and 1963 being just the two most famous examples.'

'Now I am not a scientist, so don't understand all the jargon, but my question is simply this. If global warming is a myth, what happened to those winters and why don't we get as much snow any more?'


  1. Considering the vast number of intelligent letters pointing out the undisputed fact that the globe is currently cooling, which the entire MSM censor, I would very much hope they have something more useful than your childhood reminiscences to print.

    Incidentaly the 1970s was the era when the people now wanting to prevent ordinary people flying because it causes global warming were wanting to stop flying because it caused cooling.

  2. Thank you for your comment although you didn't answer the question. It just seems odd that we don't get cold winters and as much snow (if any) as we used to. If you think those winters will be back, then fair enough.