Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An unhappy customer

‘I am fed up and have no interest in any of you and you can tell your leaders that I won’t be voting because I am disgusted with the lot of you.’ Slam!

This was a highlight of an eventful Friday afternoon around Newington. After a lot of knocking on doors to be greeted by some don’t knows, it was nice to put someone down on the sheet as a definite ‘not voting’. So we won’t be calling there on Thursday.

Despite the recent negative publicity though, nearly everyone greeted me with courtesy and politeness. After all, if we were making lots of money out of expenses, we would be doing something different with our Friday afternoons.

Saturday was a day off to enjoy the cup final with a beer or two. Then Sunday back onto the leaflets as we go into the eve of poll and the last lap.

Two days to go. Everyone get ready to vote!

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