Thursday, June 25, 2009

York and Setanta

I haven't been updating lately as, like many of us, I have had a post-election campaign break. And, shock, I have had other things than politics on my mind.

We went to York for a few days. I work for the Local Government Ombudsman (on the administration side - so there's no conflict of interest as I don't investigate complaints) and previously all I have seen of York is the taxi ride from the station to our regional office and vice versa - and I have always thought it would be nice to have a few days off to see the sights in York. (We also have an office in Coventry - but I haven't really had the same interest).

York was very nice for a visit, lots of history and sights to see and recommended for a short break. Now preparing our next holiday - Normandy - to walk the D-Day beaches in October.

The other thing on my mind has been the demise of Setanta. For the last two years, in my continued resistance to the dish culture, I have subscribed to Setanta on Freeview and enjoyed the footy. Alas, like ITV Digital, they have now been forced to the wall.

Under competition law, Sky cannot bid for all the live Premier football. So the Setanta packages have gone to ESPN. And to watch ESPN, you have to, wait for it, subscribe to Sky! Something wrong there!

Hopefully there will be some non-Sky option to watch ESPN but there's a danger that Sky will resume a monopoly, indirectly, on Premier football as well as having got all the cricket.

Grumble over. Back to politics next entry! Is the expenses story still running?

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