Friday, June 12, 2009

Sing out loud - for STV

Mixed news for us in Kent. Our vote held steady, we gained one county council seat and are now the official opposition to the Conservatives as a result of Labour’s collapse. The problem is that we have only seven Councillors to oppose the Conservatives 74!

Every administration should have an effective opposition to keep it on its toes but how is this possible against such odds? I would like to know how opponents of voting reform can justify one party getting near complete power on just 40% of the votes.

Our Prime Minister appears to have made a death bed conversion to voting reform, but, not for the first time, it’s right question, wrong answer. We need a system by which the voter can choose between candidates of the same party – and not just have the one foisted on them by the parties. This is true freedom of choice.

Unfortunately the use of the party list and the election of the BNP's MEPs are giving PR a bad reputation. We must make a loud case for the far better option of multi-member constituencies and the Single Transferable Vote (and we must think of a more catchy name for it!).

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