Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meeting characters on their doorstep

Canvassing experiences can tell you interesting things about the people who have decided how they will vote.

Conservatives will look you directly you in the eye and say 'Conservative' in a forceful voice, as if to add, 'what's it to you' or 'what are you going to do about it?' As the Conservatives are the nasty party, then it stands to reason they must have some nasty voters.

Labour votes are very interested in shoes as they will quietly look at your feet, or their own feet, and whisper 'Labour' -as if to add 'please don't tell anybody'. I guess it's not the sort of thing you want too many people in Kent to know.

UKIP voters will stand to their full height, put on their Churchill expression, and boldly declare 'UK Independence Party'. You can almost hear the tones of Land of Hope and Glory.

Greens are very cheerful - as if to say the word 'green' brings on a smile - which it does I suppose.

Lib Dem voters (yes, there are quite a few ) will say 'Liberal Democrat' in a jocular tone - as if to add 'but I don't know why'. We must work more on our message.

I don't know what BNP voters would say (as I didn't meet any) but I imagine it's not repeatable.

Then you will get those who go on about expenses, corruptness and slam the door in your face. The fact that it was Lib Dems who exposed the expenses situation in the UK and the EU seems to have been lost. They will go down as non-voters.

Finally, you will get those that will say along the line of 'I have decided who to vote for but it is not your business but between me and the ballot box' in a pompous 'push off' sort of voice. They should be put down as Conservatives.

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