Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1979 and all that!

A few weeks ago the BBC repeated their coverage of the 1979 election night. Many people were interviewed about what Mrs Thatcher’s new government might bring. The most amusing part (even more amusing that what people were wearing in 1979) was the fact that absolutely no-one had a clue on the various bombshells that were about to hit them.

There was a factory owner who employed 70 people and was pleased and optimistic for the future. Was his one of the many thousands of small businesses who went to the wall as British manufacturing was virtually wiped out?

There was an industrial worker hoping the new government would do something about unemployment. What happened to him as unemployment doubled and stayed over three million for most of the 1980s?

A trade union leader said they were prepared to take a tough line with the new government – oblivious to the fact that the days of union power were now numbered.

Several Labour politicians gave their thoughts - little knowing it would be 18 years before they see Number 10 again (if they were still alive) during which time their party would abandon most of its socialist principles.

There were the smug fat cat Heath-ite Tories, merrily discussing in their clubs about how to control their new PM, little realising their political careers and principles were now out of date.

Above all, there was a fresh faced, 53 year old, harmless-looking, slightly shy lady in a smart blue suit with a big smile waving to her cheering supporters.

Oh if only we knew!

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