Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kent County Council - the Hole Truth

Here is my latest letter - published in the Kent on Sunday (17 May).

'With the upcoming County Council elections on 4 June I hope everyone will consider the state of the roads and pavements. People have fallen over, cars have been damaged, and cycling is much more dangerous. Kent County Council's answer is that, after 12 years of Conservative rule, the backlog of pavement repairs will take 226 years to clear. I'm not sure we'll be around to find out.

Instead KCC has spent millions on publicising itself and paying managers large salaries. And that's not to mention a few quid that went to Iceland. All money which could have been better used to improve our safety. The Tories are relying on the Government's unpopularity to retain control of Kent but I hope voters see through it.

If you are happy with the state of the pavements and highways then vote Conservative, or don't vote at all. If you want the county to be run the way the country is run, then you can vote Labour.

But if you want the plans, the people, and the policies to get the condition of the roads back in the right direction then you should vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Keith Nevols, Lib Dem candidate, Swale Central, Sittingbourne.'

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