Sunday, May 17, 2009

The mercy of self-government

It was once said that Italy were the biggest enthusiasts of the European Union, and of closer political integration, because a European government could not be any worse than their own dire administrations.

This week I saw messages by UKIP, BNP and one or two others saying 'let us govern ourselves'. Hmm, the flaw in this argument is that when you look at the Cabinet, and then you look at the shadow cabinet, you begin to wonder if the Italians had a point.

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  1. Hi, Keith. I think the most important European institutions may be the Council of Europe and the ECHR - which aren't EU bodies. Set up to stop dictatorships abusing their citizens, now they're an important defence against the excesses of - can you believe it? - a British Labour government. My latest blogpost is more political than usual - please have a look. Clearly you are performing better than my MP in keeping your constituents informed.