Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sittingbourne campaign update

The campaign continued this weekend with all the papers being signed and some canvassing in Newington. In the Swale West ward we have long-time councillor and our local leader, Elvie Lowe, up against the incumbent, Conservative Keith Ferrin, who, as Kent’s transport spokesman, has been much in the news lately regarding the Council’s failure to prepare for the bad weather earlier this year, the unhelpfulness regarding Rachel Rook’s A249 campaign (see below) and the admission by the Council that to fix the pavement repairs in Kent would take ‘226 years’ (please note to check in your 2235 diaries).

One lady I called on said ‘if that Mr Ferrin comes calling here, I’ll give him what for.’

In my own Swale Central ward we’ve seen the Labour party. A leaflet arrived, wisely not mentioning Gordon Brown or any national issues – and then a lady called asking me to vote for Roger Truelove, but not mentioning which party he is (also wise) nor the fact that as a double ward there are two Labour candidates. I told her I would be voting for me – which took her aback somewhat.

As for the Conservatives, they must be around somewhere but we haven’t seen anything of them. They are defending five of Sittingbourne’s seven County Council seats (the other two are Labour) but no leaflets or canvassing so far. Perhaps they are expecting the seats to drop in their laps.

Four weeks and two days to go!

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