Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A249 Killer Road campaign

I would like to encourage everyone to join Rachel Rook's Facebook group and sign her petition regarding the A249 in Kent.

The A249 runs from Maidstone up to Sheerness, crossing the M2 and M20, and contains sections whereby lorry drivers can do illegal U-turns which are highly dangerous to other road users. Sadly Rachel's father was killed as a result of such an action and she has set up a campaign to get Kent County Council to close these sections to avoid other accidents. There have been at least a dozen other accidents caused by U-turns on the road, not to mention any near misses.

Kent County Council (predictably Tory-controlled) have said that (i) they could put roundabouts on the road (ii) but they won't because they are too expensive. Now they can't decide where to put them. In the meantime, nothing is happening, not even any examination of other options.

Rachel's campaign has 1,323 members on her Facebook group 'A249 Killer Road' and has a petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/A249/.

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