Monday, April 20, 2009

Walking in Borden, Kent

This weekend my delivering took me to Borden, an attractive little village not far from Sittingbourne in Kent. The village is centred around a large church next to a nice pub called The Maypole – which is very popular at Sunday lunch.

Borden is full of quiet, leafy roads with fields and houses wide apart. This last point makes it difficult for delivering leaflets as once you have come to a house it’s then quite a walk to get up to the front door. But it’s all good exercise.

The people we met walking around were friendly and receptive, all saying good morning, and even a large Alsatian that came bounding towards me was, I was assured, ‘soft as a kitten’. (I wasn’t worried, of course). And in keeping with the season I was glad to see one house flying a large flag of St George on their flag pole.

A few hours leafleting, a lot of walking, and a pint back at the Maypole. And hopefully a vote or two. Not a bad days’ work.

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