Monday, April 27, 2009

Borden and Upchurch

The campaign trail took me to Borden on Friday evening. Canvassing is a new experience, but after some shadowing, off I went. Many people out (as one should be on a Friday evening) and quite a few ‘haven’t decided yet’ – with one ‘what election?’. And one small dog who found the Focus leaflet delicious.

One lady was quite ferocious. ‘I will vote for you if you can get that Scottish idiot out of Number 10. And that daft woman – we are paying for her husband to watch filthy videos’ and much more along the same line. I never got round to finding out if she will vote for us. Overall though the evening was quite fun so hope to do some more soon.

Saturday morning and yet another small Kent village – Upchurch, not far from Rainham – a village which appears out of nowhere as you drive down country lanes. Lot of big houses with a few problems in finding the front door. Very quiet and sunny day but some more exercise before a pint at The Crown. Thirsty work, this leafleting.

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