Saturday, May 9, 2009

The missing Conservatives

In Sittingbourne we have a mystery. We've lost the Conservative party!!

The county council candidates were announced this week. Yours truly is on there for Swale Central, and the three major parties have candidates in all of Sittingbourne's six wards. The BNP, UKIP and the Greens all have two and we even have a couple of loonies - Official Loonies, I should say.

We have been out canvassing and leafleting and Labour have also been busy. But the Conservatives have completely vanished - we've seen no leaflets nor canvassing - and there's no mention at all on the Sittingbourne Conservatives web site. Click on the link for 'Council candidates' and you get a profile of the parliamentary candidate instead!

Of course this may be a subtle ploy. Maybe the plan is a blitz in the last couple of weeks, maybe there's a lot of quiet canvassing going on, or maybe, with the Labour party being so unpopular, the policy is to be quiet and win by default. Whatever it is, if they win all seven seats then their tactics would be a success.

Hopefully Swale's voters will recall that the Conservative Party have run the wasteful Kent County Council and that only the Lib Dems have the people and the policies to set Kent back on track.

In the meantime, if you see the Tories in Swale, let me know. But there won't be a reward.

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