Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to Bournemouth

Apologies for not updating for a while.

This weekend it is conference time and I am off to sunny (I hope) Bournemouth. The main items for me will be the various training that is on offer which I hope will strengthen my application to join the approved parliamentary candidates list - and as this is the last conference before the election there is lots of training on offer.

Despite what Alan Duncan may think, the job of MP seems quite attractive to me - and although the chances of becoming a Lib Dem MP are very slim (and the chances of being very slim are also very slim) the prospect of running for parliament and campaigning at a general election sounds great fun. I will be attending an evaluation day next month to give me a grilling to see if I am up to it - hence my desire for training.

My only previous visit to Bournemouth was a family holiday in 1983 when it was very sunny and I spent a lot of time in the arcades. The town is a favourite for conferences, like Brighton and Blackpool, due to its being by the sea. I wonder if they still sell rock?

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