Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter to East Kent Gazette

'It is interesting to see each week in the letters page that the election is under way with the Conservatives, Labour and even UKIP having an enjoyable time attacking each other. But I hope the voters won’t forget the Liberal Democrats.

'I agree with Roger Truelove, the Labour chairman, that we should have a positive debate about national and local issues and how we should approach the challenges facing us – and we look forward to that debate during the campaign. But the bottom line is that the Labour government has failed and is now drifting through its last days of power.

'Meanwhile, the Conservatives concentrate on negative attacks to disguise their lack of ideas and vision in the assumption that they only have to turn up to win. To be fair, they may well be right.

'Only the Liberal Democrats have a positive agenda for change with tax cuts, a green economy, genuine political reform and an ambitious programme for education investment – and that’s just for starters.

'I hope those who do not want to see Gordon Henderson sitting on the Tory benches as our next MP will consider the only real alternative.

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