Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kick off is nearly with us

Today is the first of August and that means one thing - yes, the start of the football season is soon upon us. I've got my FourFourTwo season preview so am almost ready for the kick off. The first live TV game is on Thursday on ITV4 in a game where Fulham are already three up against some team from Lithuania - but a drought is a drought.

My earlier grumble about Sky/ESPN/Setanta etc seems to have nearly reached a solution with ESPN possibly being available on Freeview. Hopefully they will sort this out before the Premiership starts. ESPN is showing the beautiful game from England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Russia (!) and the USA. That's a lot of footy.

This season, for a change, I think I will follow League One (what we used to call the third division). Not only does this appear to be the most competitive of the four divisions (can you guess the top four so easily) but, by co-incidence it contains my team (Norwich City), my local team (Gillingham), the local team of where I grew up (Wycombe) as well as the teams of some friends of mine (Leeds, Southampton, Charlton). Piece of luck eh?

And of course any mention of football must make us think of Sir Bobby Robson who I am sure will get a deserved minute's applause at many of the first games. He was responsible for Ipswich Town being a decent team, and gave us Paul Gascoigne and Jose Mourinho - but let's not hold that against him. He was a jolly good chap and our second best England manager. Rest in Peace Sir Bobby.

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