Monday, September 21, 2009

Bournemouth - good training - not so good beggars

Just got back from a couple of days in Bournemouth. Over two days I have never had so many people approach me asking for money - also in the pubs I would be approached by someone who had clearly had a few. According to my taxi driver, this is a problem in Bournemouth. Advice is to avoid the area round the station and stick to crowded spots in the town.

On a brighter note, the weather was good and lots of people enjoying themselves. Arcades have got a lot more bigger and modern since 1983 so I stick to what I know, play the quiz machines, and invest the winnings in Harry Ramsden's for lunch.

I attended five training sessions - the main two for me were in media training covering TV/radio interviews and press releases, which were both excellent and should be useful in my preparation for my parliamentary candidate list application. Others I attended out of interest, including getting new members and on communications. Recruiting new members involved a bit of sales work - which reminded me of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross - 'ABC'. Alas, I have no experience in sales so will seek advice on this.

Finally, having been told off by one's little sister, will try to update blog more often. There is, after all, a lot to talk about.

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