Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spreading the word

A busy week for the campaign. This week - interviews with the local media and one article appeared in the Sittingbourne Messenger (see link at end). I have also been to a PACT meeting in Murston, where I met quite a few people, sent some targeted emails, and delivered some more leaflets.

On Friday we had a strategy meeting where we made some progress as to who is doing what. Today, Sunday, we have been around various locations in the constituency taking photos for upcoming literature.

I also attended a church dinner yesterday. This was not a political event although many there knew I was running and wished me luck - which was nice. And we got some promises of articles for the church newsletter - which Mary has taken over.

This week we will be preparing some leaflets and policy sheets, interviewing (hopefully) some new members and getting things ready for some canvassing and hitting the high streets. We are a bit behind our rivals, who have been leafleting and canvassing already, but we aim to catch up fast.

The random initial findings reveal that a lot of people feel let down by Labour. This is not really a surprise but the extent of it was. Our canvassing and polling will give us a better idea.

This constituency is very interesting. Not only because Labour are defending such a tiny majority (79) but all five candidates are locals - which must be unusual. The Conservative candidate remains the strong favourite but UKIP seem very confident and we are still waiting to hear what BNP and the Greens plan to do - so there are plenty of unknown factors yet to come into play. It's all good fun!

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