Thursday, January 28, 2010

An un-person at the forum

The minutes of the local engagement forum which I attended last week made interesting reading. Every questionner was named – except me. Despite (or because of) announcing myself as ‘Keith Nevols’ I instead was recorded as ‘a local resident’. The question was there but the questionner became an un-person. At least my name was indicated in the list of those present.

It appears that the Conservative leaders of the panel, who must have checked the minutes before publication, decided to ‘censor’ me regarding raising issues that we intend to campaign on.

It’s not worth making a fuss over minutes which hardly anyone will read anyway – but it is a clear indication of how even an allegedly impartial ‘consult the public’ gathering is subject to direct political interference from arrogant Conservatives. Despite what David Cameron might say, the nasty party are still with us.

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