Monday, December 21, 2009

A winter wonderland

Not everyone likes to talk about politics, but it is very British to talk about the weather.

Last Friday the snow fell down in Kent and at my usual time of 5.40am I was standing at a coach stop waiting for my commuter coach during the snow storm. My dark coat was gradually turning white and if I had a hat and a pipe I would have made a very good snowman.

Eventually a coach turned up to tell me that the roads were closed and hence all the coaches were cancelled. There were also problems with the trains and so I had to give up trying to get in to London that day. Today, three days on, no problem getting into work although our pavements are still very icy.

Many commented on the fact that this spell of cold weather has coincided with the Copenhagen conference covering global warming – which is indeed ironic – but as I said in an earlier entry, we get nothing like the amount of snow we used to.

The Christmas and new year break will be welcome before what looks like a very busy 2010 – with the general election campaign and the World Cup to look forward to.

Christmas is a time to put our political differences to one side and wish goodwill to all. So to you, dear reader, whoever you follow, whatever your views, I hope you have a happy and a very merry Christmas.

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