Tuesday, December 15, 2009

March 25? Bring it on!

There are questions in discussion recently – is there a God? – will England win the world cup? – when will the general election be?

Well, yes, there is a God – I would love to see us win the World Cup but don’t think we will – and my money was on an election on the last possible date – 3 June. I figured that, like John Major’s government in 1997, Gordon Brown and co would hang on to every possible last second of power before the inevitable collapse. Others agreed with the common view that the election would be on 6 May.

However some excellent rumours circulated this weekend that the election could be earlier than we thought – on 25 March. From Labour’s point of view this would make sense – simply because it would get them out of having a March budget and the inevitable story of gloom and doom – and it might avoid the meltdown we saw in 1997.

The Tories might still win, but if they don’t have a majority, we might finally force the MPs of the two old parties to accept accountability and the reforms our political system so desperately needs (although we must be wary of a Con-Lab coalition to preserve their vested interests).

So bring it on, I say. Already one has itchy feet, eager to get out and knock on those doors.

The Swale Liberal Democrats have our Hustings next month to select our candidate for Sittingbourne and Sheppey. I have written my manifesto with my background, policies and campaign ideas. My main points are cleaning up parliament, mass constitutional and parliamentary reform, a referendum on EU membership, and emphasis on our unique radical policies – such as tax cuts, the pupil premium and abolishing council tax.

I am now preparing my Hustings speech where I hope to put on a good show and have good news for you all afterwards.

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