Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Somebody radical and different

This is my letter to the East Kent Gazette. It is in reply to a letter from a Mr Richard Palmer who states he and his children do not see the point of voting because Labour is a waste of time and Conservatives only benefit the rich. Therefore they will all vote UKIP.

'Richard Palmer is right to criticise the two stale old parties as a waste of time - but he does not mention the other option. For radical and different policies, Mr Palmer should look towards the Liberal Democrats.

We are the only party to promise a massive overhaul of our political system, getting rid of the safe seats and expenses culture - to provide tax cuts for lower and middle incomes - to abolish council tax - to offer universal childcare - with positive policies for a green economy.

That's just for starters - there is a lot more I would love to tell Mr Palmer about which provides the alternative forward thinking choice he seeks.

UKIP is all about looking backwards. There is a lot that is wrong with the EU but sitting in the corner with your arms folded is not going to fix it. However I agree we should have a referendum on EU membership for a proper debate.

At election time, I hope Mr Palmer will consider the options and vote for us as the only major party that offers that genuine much-needed reform and change'.


  1. Trouble with the Liberal Democrats is they don’t have any consistent polices and have know credibility.

    I feel the people of Briton want a referendum on Europe but Labour, Conservatives and the Lib Dems had a chance to voice for one but now we have the Lisbon Treaty the same 3 parties say that even if a referendum was held we couldn’t leave Europe.

    You are right there is a lot wrong with Europe and how it controls everyday life, rights, what people can think etc while the only major party to oppose Europe is UKIP. Your party have had the opportunity but have failed big time to raise and highlight concerns. I you belong to a club you can always try to change the rules but if the club brings in so many unfair rules then you are free to leave that club. We should both radically change/amend Europeean rules imposed on the UK and in particular tackle waste of money and unelected commissioners running our life. I actually feel that most people feel the same as me and many will be voting UKIP.

    Perhaps at the time of the election you may wish to consider your options and vote UKIP as there polices on many issues like crime, freedom of speech, support for the forces, health polices and education and other home based polices seem sensible to me and what the people of Briton want.

    Its not just Europe but the fact that all politicians (even Lib Dems) since Thatcher have only had there own self interest and worked for there friends or big city firms is fundamentally wrong in Briton today and the Lib Dems only moaned about it when it was found out and made public. A true strong politician would stand up and of said what’s happening was wrong but they didn’t. I don’t think Nigel Farage would have kept stum on this matter.

    The lib Dems don’t have much public support and are a dying breed and wont last long after the election. It appears to me and many others that the Lib Dems change polices when it suits them. You can tell me as much as you like about lib dems polices as I assess all information and if the local Lib Dems are holding any public meeting would be willing to attend.

  2. I will take issue with the points regarding speaking out over expenses.

    Lib Dems, especially Norman Baker, tried their utmost to prevent MPs exempting themselves from Freedom of Information laws (no Lib Dem MP voted in favour of this).

    And how were we to know what the Tory and Labour MPs were claiming for until we, like everyone, found out from the Daily Telegraph?

    We are the only party who would make sure this whole expenses chapter does not happen again. Under a Conservative government, after a few sacrificial lambs, nothing will happen and this will all resurface in a few years - you heard it here first.

    And although one or two Lib Dems have been rightly criticised for their claims, no Lib Dem MP 'flipped' their house to claim for two properties.

    Our MEPs are working against a similar and larger scandal happening in the European Union - which the other parties (including the UKIP MEPs) are of course keeping quiet about. MEPs get paid just for turning up!!

    The reason you didn't know about how the Lib Dems are leading the fight to clean up politics is because the media have long ignored us and our efforts to get our message across - but if you search the internet you will see this is the case.

    I hope you can make one of our meetings at election time.

  3. Which of the 1 or 2 Lib Dems MPs are you talking about?

    Andrews George’s daughter uses his expenses flat: The Lib Dem MP is facing questions about his parliamentary expenses claims for a £300,000 London flat used by his student daughter while several of his party colleagues are under similar scrutiny.

    Nick Clegg pusher’s expenses to the Limit: Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader who has championed the reform of MPs’ expenses, claimed the maximum allowed under his parliamentary second home allowance.

    Lembit Opik: the Liberal Democrat housing spokesman was forced to pay £2,499 for a 42” plasma television himself after he bought it at the worst possible moment.

    Chris Hunes (a millionaire): This MP Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, regularly submits receipts for bus tickets and groceries including pints of milk, fluffy dusters, lavatory rolls and chocolate HobNobs. (Wish I could claim for all these on my tax return).

    "One law for us and another for MPs even Lib Dem MPS".

    Vince Cable: The Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, forgoes the second home allowance, but asked whether he could claim backdated payments of the London supplement instead.

    Norman Baker claimed for bike and broadband: This, a senior Liberal Democrat who has campaigned for greater disclosure of MPs’ expenses asked if he could claim for a bicycle and a computer so he could listen to music and email his family and friends.

    "Perhaps after the next election he can listen to music and email his friends but he will have to do it standing as he may not have a seat".

    Menzies Campbell's £10,000 bill for flat overhaul: Former leader of the Lib Dems hired a top interior designer to refurbish his small flat in central London at taxpayers’ expense, spending £10,000 on scatter cushions, a king-sized bed and a flat-screen television.

    "At least he can sit on some cushions after the next election because hopfully UKIP will take his Parliamentary seat."

    Steve Webb claimed £8,400 for stamp duty: The Liberal Democrat work and pensions spokesman sold his London flat and bought another nearby, while the taxpayer picked up an £8,400 bill for stamp duty.

    "Now I know why employers’ contributions on NI have gone up. Tax jobs so MPs can have live in luxury."

    Julia Goldsworthy’s spending spree as deadline loomed: Julia Goldsworthy, the Liberal Democrat local government spokesman, spent thousands of pounds on expensive furniture just days before the deadline for using up parliamentary allowances.

    "Let’s hope her constituency let her know what they feel about this."

    Richard Younger-Ross spent £1,235 on four mirrors and bought 'Don Juan’ bookcase on MPs' expenses: A Liberal Democrat MP charged taxpayers more than £1,200 for mirrors to furnish his London flat, one of which alone cost £725.

    The above have been copied from the Daily Telegraph website to say one or two is being very economical with the truth and is what MPs today seem to be doing but something I think UKIP will change. I always keep an open mind. I found the above information on the internet following a google search so perhaps you could do better next time and try to be more accurate in what you post. 1 or 2 nice try.

    I would also point out that I saw Nigel Farage on a TV debate highlighting the scandal of Europe waste (main aim & objectives of UKIP is highlighting Europe’s waste of money I believe) and also detailing the scandal of the “just turning up fee” It was Nigel’s straight talking and stance on Europe that brought my interest back into voting and politic.