Monday, December 20, 2010

And that was 2010

This is my last blog entry of 2010 – and what a year it has been.

My own highlight was running for parliament – from selection in January, through the campaign, to standing on the stage for the result. This was very hard work but also great fun – and I am already looking forward to my next campaign – whenever and wherever that might be.

The general election was of course the main political highlight of 2010 – an airbrushed Cameron poster, Bigot-gate, Cleggmania, the usual twists and turns of any election, but resulting in some firsts. The first hung parliament since 1974, the first coalition government since 1945, the first Liberal Democrats in government, the first leaders’ debates, the first Green MP, the first BBC exit poll to be spot on etc.

Nick Clegg must be the political man of the year. How many people have been ‘more popular than Churchill’ and had an effigy burnt within a few months of each other. From the debates, to becoming Deputy Prime Minister, to the tuition fees row, it has been an eventful year for our Nick – the most eventful for any Liberal leader since Lloyd George.

The pace shows no sign of slowing in 2011. The Oldham by-election, the voting referendum and council elections, the impact of the cuts, the continued speed of the government’s programme – it is all very interesting for the political fan.

Blog-wise, my most read entry was ‘My Welsh Assembly Campaign – Part One’ (29 November) possibly because the title brought me to the attention of some people in Wales. My entry ‘When the going gets tough, the weak go running’ (18 September) also got a good readership – plus the sequel (9 October).

The most commented entry was ‘It must be with the Tories or without’ (11 May) when I said we should not enter a deal with Labour. This got a mention on the BBC news web site but, alas, I missed my chance to go on The World at One. (I was in a meeting when they called).

My own favourite entry was ‘We’ve lost the Generation Game – but can the next contestants win?’ (20 October) – on which I join others in reflecting about how the last generation have let down this one. I have further thoughts on this which I might put in another entry.

In all I have blogged 67 times this year – and not only about politics. Radio shows, England’s world cup flop and the second world war have all got my attention. But of course the political landscape and my own small part in it is the main theme of this blog – and as ever all the views are mine alone.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts of 2010, that you will continue to spare me your time in 2011, and in the meantime I wish all of you, whatever your politics are, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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