Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Use your vote - and vote for genuine change

Another very busy time in the final two days – I have visited Rodmersham Primary School and Westlands School to answer questions and provide material for their mock elections, spent many hours delivering leaflets, handed out leaflets at Sittingbourne and Newington stations, much more canvassing and more leafleting, co-organise the final arrangements for the campaign headquarters and the team – and devoured an eve of poll fish and chips.

Early to bed tonight and up early tomorrow to get going. It will be a long day – lots to do.

The BBC and Meridian will both be attending the count and our result is expected at about 1.30am so make sure you keep an eye out for me and you can admire my big new rosette.

But to everyone who reads this – get out and vote! Vote, vote, vote! Let’s get a good turnout and ensure that as many people as possible have their say!

And if you want to see:

Fairness in the tax burden with more money in your pocket;
Fairness in our schools with smaller class sizes and no tuition fees;
Fairness in jobs by developing the long-term sustainable industries and employment we need in energy efficiency and public transport;
And fairness in our politics, so that parliament and its MPs can be completely transparent and accountable to you, the voter.

If you want to sweep away the old red-blue pass-the-parcel parties that have let us all down again and again.

If you want GENUINE change.

Then there is only one choice – and that is to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

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