Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sittingbourne & Sheppey - has Labour given up?

I took this last week off work and a very busy week it has been too. More media interviews, lots more delivering of leaflets, and lots more canvassing, around Sittingbourne and on the Isle of Sheppey – as well as catching up (slightly) on the emails. I am also delighted to have found many new members and supporters. We are all being exceptionally busy spreading the message as far as we can – and generally are getting a good response.

Labour’s campaign is rather puzzling. We were to have a church debate in Milton Regis, but the Labour candidate, Angela Harrison, refused and so it had to be cancelled. This disappointed a lot of people, many of them Labour supporters, who wanted to meet us, ask us questions and see us discuss the issues. This may have cost Labour 100 votes or so, which, when you are defending a majority of 79, makes a difference.

Tomorrow we are getting together for a discussion chiefly regarding public transport (although I am sure other issues will crop up). Gordon from the Conservatives, Ian from UKIP and my good self will be there – not only no Angela, but no-one at all from Labour! The invitation was declined.

I hope Angela will be at the church debate in Sheerness on Wednesday – as this is home territory for her.

In Faversham the safe-seat Tories have the luxury of refusing to meet people (as in the environment debate). I'm not so sure about Labour here. I would have thought they would be keen for every vote.

The local Labour party has released a statement insisting it is still a two horse race. As the saying goes, they still don’t get it! Who do they think those poll numbers which are not red or blue are for? And how do Labour think they can win if they are turning down chances to meet people who want to meet them?

Unlike Labour, we in the Liberal Democrats haven’t given up. After all, someone has to challenge Gordon Henderson and the Conservatives.

We are fighting for every vote in this seat and will continue to do so to the end!


  1. Ian couldn't make the debate on Public Transport becasue of work commitments, but this currently is, and should be the only invitation he has had to turn down. I think this is a very interesting election involving a lot of unknown factors such as the leaders debate and of course the expenses scandal that was the tiiping point for most people, consolidating their mistrust of politicians. Of course, I am hoping these people cause an earthquake in British politics by voting UKIP,but good luck to you all the same Keith,maybe see you out on the streets of the constituency,I am now off to do more leafleting.

  2. Hi, Stephen. Ian didn't miss much. Gordon and Roger Truelove (yes, Labour did send someone after all) agreeing all the time that nothing could be done about anything. 'The more they argue, the more they look the same.'

    See you at the church debate tomorrow?

  3. I will be there this evening. I was invited to the debate at Highsted as a Fulston student but unfortunatelt didn't make it in the end although a few freinds of mine went and gave me some feedback.