Friday, November 27, 2009

Complaint to BBC

'I would like to complain about Question Time, 26 November, as once again the Liberal Democrats were omitted from the panel.

The programme was in Scotland (where the Liberal Democrats have recently shared power) and the first question was on the Iraq war (where Liberal Democrat opposition to the war has been proved right). Despite this, the decision was made to ignore the right of the Lib Dems to be represented – a common trait amongst the media but one should expect better from the BBC.

In Scotland, there are four major parties – and it is clearly wrong to invite only three to such a prominent programme.

To ignore the Liberal Democrats (who got nearly six million votes at the last election) is complete bias and against the principles of the BBC. It seems strange that the BBC are so quick to promote the right of the BNP to be heard yet are so quick to dismiss the far greater right of the Liberal Democrats.

I would welcome your views'.

(I will let you know if I get a reply but don't hold your breath).

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