Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hello, welcome to my blog – this is my first entry. My name is Keith Nevols and I have lived in Sittingbourne in the fine county of Kent for five years. On 4 June 2009 I have the pleasure of contesting the ward of Swale Central for the elections to Kent County Council.

I am a Liberal Democrat because I believe the basic philosophies of the party are very attractive and the best for Kent and the UK. We are the only major party with radical proposals for constitutional reform (although personally I would go further) and the only one with priced, constructive proposals for a way out of the recession, led by perhaps the best parliamentarian in the House, Mr Vince Cable. On issue after issue, whether it be Iraq, council tax or the economy, the Liberal Democrats are being and have been proved right.

Both the other major parties have run away from their past – but after 18 years of one and 12 years of the other, including three recessions, are we happy? Or will we just continue to rumble from one recession to the next – making it difficult to build a career and family. Isn’t it time we considered a different way of doing things?

We in Sittingbourne have our difficulties. Job losses in Swale are increasing at the highest rate in Kent. The improvement plan, which could assist, is arriving at the speed of ‘a snail with heavy shopping’. Commuters have to pay ever greater train fares while getting a worse service. And now we have to fight the proposal of an airport in the middle of the Thames – perhaps one of the daftest ideas in recent politics.

Swale Council give us the introduction of Sunday parking charges to hit church goers in town, the end of weekly bin collections, and Tory/Labour councillors voting to increase their own expenses. Overall, a general indifference. More money from us, the council tax payers, and more cuts and charges in return.

To be fair, in 2009 Kent County Council will introduce the lowest council tax rise ever. Just in time for the County Council elections. What a co-incidence! Who thinks we won’t be seeing bigger rises in 2010 to make up for it?

I want to help the people in Sittingbourne. This is a great town with friendly people. I want to represent people who can’t speak for themselves, who have views and ideas, who feel they are ignored by their council.

In this blog, I will be contributing with my thoughts on a few issues – but I want to hear your thoughts too. What would you like to happen in Sittingbourne and Kent? How can your Councils – both Swale and Kent – make life better for you and your community? And, if I am elected on 4 June 2009, what can I do for you?

Thank you for reading.

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